Ég Anda

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  • eleventh and tenth 
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  • Anonymous asked : are you waiting for bloc party reunion?

    yess i’m waiting!

  • dear my friend aka :)
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  • Hello girls and boys!

    I built a new tumblr.. you can see my band drawing challenge here.

    Thank you soooo much <3

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  • Anonymous asked : how many followers do you have?

    About 1400 followers…

    I’d like to take this opportunity to thanks my followers..!


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  • Anonymous asked : how your name sounds in english?

    Call me Jeong-Min :,)

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  • Anonymous asked : Oh my goodness your drawings are amazing! They really are! Like bruh your talent is amazing

    It’s kind of you to say so! your encouragement was such a big help to me!


  • fieldandgreen asked : Your workspace looks so very cozy! I love the bookshelves + books! Do you do all your work there or do you have a different space you spread out in?

    Thank you fieldandgreen!

    My desk is the only work space :( I need a more spacious work space..haha

  • Anonymous asked : seriously would like to see more photos of your room or working place. photo you have posted shows us a very nice and comfortable room and it's very pleasant to me personally to see that magical place :) hope you will post your photos! ily

    Thanks for sending a message anon!

    my desk now :P 

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  • FRANZ!!!!!!! :D
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  • Anonymous asked : what concerts have you visited?

    umm… franz ferdinand, sigur ros, jonsi, oasis, travis, suede, noel gallagher’s high flying birds, washed out, white lies, kasabian, etc..

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  • drunk-and-dis0rderly asked : Do you have a twitter so I can credit you for that arctic monkeys drawing??? I just want to share it

    Ok sure! 

  • Anonymous asked : with love from Kazakhstan <3

     I love you too!!